Sonic Prologue Film

Take a step back in time as Sonic the Hedgehog and his best friend Miles “Tails” Prower reminisce on the day their fates crossed paths for the first time! Experience first hand, the wild, action packed adventure that destined these two to be the dynamic duo they are today in Sonic Prologue!

Written and Directed by -Doryan Nelson (NECOMIX™ *formally known as Un-Chan Studios)
Animated by- Christopher Wilcots (Chris Wilcots Animation™)

Featuring the voice talents of Roboticasrtista, Thalassa Promise, TheDragonSuperman, Koka the Cat and Doryan Nelson!

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Site Updates

Updates Aug 11, 2013

Hey, site owner Dennis/Neon Chaos here.

It’s been a long time since I touched the site code. I cleaned up a few things, like removing the chat box and connected the past LOL Sonic pages together. The big thing I did was I cleaned up the code on the Sonic Adventure 2/Battle music page. I picked this page first as according to my stats, it was one of the more popular pages that was broken. Over time I may slowly fix all of the broken pages. Although the site may be dead, there’s no reason for it not to look pretty.

I recently released my first novel, The Crashing of Heaven and Hell. It’s a quick and adventurous read into this colorful and imaginative world where there are aliens, monsters, and mystical creatures and everyone is cool with it. Your purchase of the book helps support my creative endeavors.

If you live near Oklahoma City, at Istvan Gallery (1218 N Western, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) from now to September 28 there is a great art exhibit, “Art of Bits/ Bits of Art” Fine Art from Classic Video Games. More details here. I recommend checking it out. There is no change to visit Istvan Gallery.

Thank you still visiting SoaH City.