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For the week of my 30th Birthday, I have a present for YOU! My sci-fi/fantasy novel, The Crashing of Heaven and Hell, is free Monday through Friday for the Kindle! If you enjoy it, please rate and review it to help with future sales.

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Here’s one positive review of the book:

Leave all of your preconceived notions of Heaven and Hell at the door, but do hang on to your sense of fantasy as you enter the universe created by Dennis Spielman in The Crashing of Heaven and Hell. Two young lovers get caught up in a bizarre series of events through an act of human concern and kindness. They have become pawns in a battle of the gods as a plot unfolds to unleash havoc on the Green Planet (one of five planets in another star system named by color.) Heaven and Hell are “islands” shrouded from the eyes of the living, what would happen if they were both brought together, and this tale is narrated by the God of Egos as he watches Virus and Jet take on supernatural forces intent on playing with fate. One will become a force to be reckoned with, one will be the catalyst for that change. Will the Green planet be saved from insanity? Will the islands of Heaven and Hell return to their rightful places? Are Heaven and Hell what our minds envision them to be?

The day Dennis Spielman was born, there must have been a generous helping of imagination dished out, because the world he has created can only be related to our reality in a very general way! Virus and Jet are completely likable, actually seem very “normal” and most definitely have grown to their full potential, one becoming something far greater and more powerful than a mere mortal! I pictured myself using Ego’s eyes to see the events unfolding, until it almost seemed normal to talk with a gorgon, pet Cerberus and see the guy in the potholder suit walking down the street! Did I mention the vampire, who cleared up a few things about vampire culture, myths and mysteries? there is no point A ending at Point B…the reader will travel through a maze of characters, twists and turns before arriving at”The End.”

As I read, I began to feel I was seeing a message in this farfetched tale, I could be wrong, but its extreme stretching of plausibility in this fantasy world seemed to mirror some of the excesses of “our reality.” Or was that a result of my own imagination on hyper-drive?

I read to be entertained and even to think/learn in the process, and Dennis Spielman did amuse me with his far out events, people and descriptions! Is this mainstream fantasy? Probably not, but there is a niche for it and I’m sure Mr. Spielman’s fan base will swell! If you are looking for something off the beaten path, cleverly written, with some snarky dialogue, a strangely foreign world and quirky characters hiding a possible deeply hidden message about our society’s state? Its all there in The Crashing of Heaven and Hell!

Now, go get the book for free for Kindle or buy the paperback.

Site Updates

Updates Aug 11, 2013

Hey, site owner Dennis/Neon Chaos here.

It’s been a long time since I touched the site code. I cleaned up a few things, like removing the chat box and connected the past LOL Sonic pages together. The big thing I did was I cleaned up the code on the Sonic Adventure 2/Battle music page. I picked this page first as according to my stats, it was one of the more popular pages that was broken. Over time I may slowly fix all of the broken pages. Although the site may be dead, there’s no reason for it not to look pretty.

I recently released my first novel, The Crashing of Heaven and Hell. It’s a quick and adventurous read into this colorful and imaginative world where there are aliens, monsters, and mystical creatures and everyone is cool with it. Your purchase of the book helps support my creative endeavors.

If you live near Oklahoma City, at Istvan Gallery (1218 N Western, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) from now to September 28 there is a great art exhibit, “Art of Bits/ Bits of Art” Fine Art from Classic Video Games. More details here. I recommend checking it out. There is no change to visit Istvan Gallery.

Thank you still visiting SoaH City.