SoaH City Arcade

Sonic Boom Cannon

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Description: You will need Flash in order to play this game created by Xanadu32.
Rating: Family-Friendly - SoaH City uses TIGRS (The Independent Game Rating System) as its rating system. Ages 0+: Family-Friendly – Ages 10+: Teen Content – Ages 17+: Adult Content
Game Summary: In this game by Xanadu32, you take this hedgehog-powered cannon and fire your favorite Sonic character down courses to collect Rings, Chaos Emeralds, and distance for rings. Note: There is no gameplay differences between Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Cream.
How to Play: *
Objectives: 1) Unlock all the characters by collecting enough rings. 2) Gather all 7 chaos emeralds, if you can't do it on the field, you may buy them for 200 rings each. 3) Beat the secret ending.
Controls: Left and Right arrow keys to lower and raise the power. Up and Down arrow keys to tilt the cannon. Space to fire.

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