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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 8-Bit Game Gear (1992) Music
Sonic decides to come back home after a short errand, but is shocked to see the place almost deserted. On the floor is a note written by Tails, explaining that he and the animals of the island have been kidnapped by Dr. Robotnik, and that his own safe return is exchanged for six Chaos Emeralds, to be given to six robots. There was no time to waste! Immediately Sonic once again is out to thwart the evil scientist's plan for global domination!

SoaH's Custom Album Cover

Song Name Length
Download All Songs in a 22.5 MB .ZIP File 24:58
Title Screen 0:19
Intro Screen 0:03
Under Ground Zone 3:04
Sky High Zone 1:41
Aqua Lake Zone 3:16
Green Hills Zone 2:21
Bonus Fact: The Green Hills Zone background music is based on "You Can Do Anything", the Sonic CD opening theme.
Gimmick Mountain Zone 2:47
Scrambled Egg Zone 2:06
Crystal Egg Zone 2:16
Boss (GG) 2:01
Boss (MS) 1:37
Act Passed 0:03
Chaos Emerald 0:03
Invincibility 0:43
Life Lost 0:04
Continue 0:15
Game Over 0:05
Ending 2:14

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