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Knuckles Chaotix (1995) Music
Several months after the events of Sonic & Knuckles, an earthquake triggered by the Master Emerald Pillar disrupts the peace and dredges up a new island from the seafloor of the southern ocean. This mysterious new island morphs rapidly and drastically from a barren rock into a lush paradise. Naturally, this bizarre transformation piques the curiosity of self-proclaimed Emerald guardian Knuckles, who suspects that ruins from the lost echidna civilization surfaced with the island, and that something there is amplifying the power of the Master Emerald Pillar. The man in red heads off to investigate, but he's one step behind a certain egg-shaped scientist...

Popular tracks include Speed Slider, the Robotnik boss songs, Fight Metal Sonic, Final Boss, and Bonus Stage.

Song Name Length
Download All Knuckles Chaotix Songs in a 41 MB .ZIP Collection XX:XX
Amazing Arena 1 00:44
Amazing Arena 2 1:26
Amazing Arena Mini Boss 00:46
Amazing Arena Robotnik 00:49
Bad Ending 00:56
Bonus Stage 1:01
Boss!! 00:08
Botanic Base Robotnik 00:50
Botanic Base 1:31
Character Select 00:29
Choose Partner 00:32
End of Level 00:14
Fight Metal 00:43
Final Boss 1:08
Game Over 00:41
Good Ending 3:04
Introduction Level 00:43
Invincibility 00:26
Isolated Island 1:20
Marina Madness Robotnik 1:21
Marina Madness 1:19
Meet Robotnik 00:27
Select File 00:47
Select Level 00:46
Special Stage 1:25
Speed Slider Robotnik 00:56
Speed Slider 1:26
Techno Tower Robotnik 00:56
Techno Tower 1:25
Title Screen 00:56
Training Mode 1:15
Tribute 00:58
World Entrance 1 00:38
World Entrance 2 00:45
World Entrance 3 00:47
World Entrance 4 00:43

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